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Worst Case Ontario

We're going on tour! My first in-person events will be happening the second week of May. We'll start with a hometown function, alongside Adrian Harewood. Adrian is a stellar journalist. Check out his fantastic piece featuring some gems of black Canadian history and culture. He also happened to mentor Waubgeshig Rice as a journalist at CBC Ottawa, who in turn mentored me in his capacity as a novelist during my MFA program at U of Guelph. The links of connection here are very meaningful to me, and exemplify the legacy of some of the themes of the book itself. Then we'll hit up Toronto with two events at two phenomenal bookstores (see below). And finally, I'll finish in Amherstburg, at the Freedom museum, hallowed ground; both with regard to my novel itself, as well as black and Indigenous history generally in this region. I'm really excited to see old friends and meet new people along this tour. The pandemic has its way of making events like these all the more bittersweet. Til soon,
  • May 13 – Ottawa – in-store event with Perfect Books with Adrian Harewood at 6pm

  • May 16 – Burlington – breakfast series event with A Different Drummer Books at 9:30am.

  • May 16 – Toronto – in-store event with A Different Booklist at 7pm

  • May 17– Amherstburg, ON event with River Bookshop and the Amherstburg Freedom Museum at 6:30pm

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