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Ann Patchett's Book Club

A big thank you to Ann Patchett, who chose In the Upper Country for her first edition book club January selection. A few weeks ago my family and I drove down to New York city and got to visit the Viking office at Penguin, where I signed the 1500 copies destined for the Parnassus book club members. Parnassus, as I recently learned, is the bookstore that Ann cofounded in Nashville. Big up to Ann, not only for her writing, but for supporting emerging authors such as myself. It’s really cool to see successful people take meaningful action to uplift others.

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Jason Bryan
Jason Bryan
Nov 22, 2023

Bro... you are only an author because you're black. You are the right skin colour to push propaganda and crap that progressive white women like, basically a house nigger for the establishment. You're a joke dude.

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