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The New York Times: The Shortlist

[In the Upper Country] is a testament to the power of story and the veneration of those whose tales are often forgotten in mainstream media.”

Publisher's Weekly

Thomas’s mesmerizing debut explores freedom, family, and the interconnections between white, Black, and Indigenous communities in 1859 Canada.

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Toronto Star

Kai Thomas’ ‘In The Upper Country’: A tree-planting encounter inspires historical Black fiction

The story reveals an interconnected history of love and survival for the Black and Indigenous peoples of North America.

Book Riot

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Library Journal

Engrossing and intensely readable, this book represents just the beginning of a larger narrative, with many chapters yet to be told; very highly recommended.

The fates of two women intertwine in 1800s Canada, at the terminus of the Underground Railroad populated by people fleeing enslavement.

USA Today 

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An exceptional work that mines a rich historical vein.

Kirkus Reviews

Kai Thomas keeps us close by her (Lensinda's) side and her determination to find ways to save a life, and, like Thomas, never let history become a forgetting.


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